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Helping one million physicians, patients, and providers discover new treatment options to overcome barriers to care.

Agency million mission background.

'That's a lot of patients...'

Millions of people worldwide suffer from medical conditions for which treatments exist but are unknown to either themselves or their healthcare providers.

This causes people to lose their sense of self, trust, and connections with those closest to them.

Our mission is to change this.

We aim to help one million people overcome barriers to giving and seeking treatment. We believe better communication helps people make informed decisions about their healthcare treatment choices, putting them in control.

That’s why we’re named after what we help achieve.

The AGENCY Bristol black 'A'.

Agency, noun (action): The feeling of control over actions and their consequences. 

About us

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Our Agency Community

You know 'that feeling' when your medical product or service helps someone?
Yeah, we love that too.

Our community has over 100 years as a collective in front line healthcare,
in industry, in academia or in research.

That's why we are united on our million mission.

Our multi-disciplinary knowledge across multiple specialities brings insights from across healthcare to help you gain the competitive edge with cross sector knowledge.

Put simply, our A-Team is a community filled with medical experts to
help your organisation grow.

About us

Your A-Team.


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With nearly 20 years working around healthcare and setting foot in hospitals and operating theatres across 6 different continents, Mike aims to bring knowledge from his experience in healthcare marketing and communication from his time working with some of the largest medical companies around the globe to help your marketing 'get better'.



Creative Lead

20 Years of marketing for SKY, SMEG, LG and launching Digital Radio in the UK didn't seem enough, so 15 years ago, Adrian decided to bring his knowledge of marketing to FMCG and tech to medical. His determination to bring his knowledge of cutting-edge marketing methods to medical through modern creative is routed in his desire to level up communication in the medical sector to the levels in tech.



Client Services Lead

With 30 years of experience in marketing, leading teams across directing, design, account management, and program delivery, Emma has worked with some of the world's largest brands across multiple sectors. She describes herself as perpetually curious and loves finding new ways to communicate about healthcare products.

Our A-Team Expert Panel.

Here when you need us.

The AGENCY black 'A'.
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