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You know 'that feeling' when your medical product or service helps someone?

We love that too.

Healthcare audiences are unique, and communicating complex principles can be a challenge. 

That's why we created AGENCY.

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Let's help your medical marketing “get better.” 


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Content for Healthcare Professionals

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Growth Strategies

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Our Services

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Comprehensive strategic planning encompassing brand, product, marketing, PR, communications, and business aspects, alongside specific strategies for product launches, market, industry, patient, and healthcare professional research.


Channel Management

Expertise in SEO, social media, email marketing, PPC, and influencer engagement, particularly targeting healthcare professionals.

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Content Creation

Educational animations, posters, infographics, ebooks, whitepapers, videos, webinars, podcasts, blog posts, and articles. Development of newsletters, social media content, medical illustrations, photography, SEO-optimised materials, and patient education resources.

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Custom website services, including landing pages, microsites, and brochure websites, tailored for the healthcare sector.

Our Products

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New Product Launch

Tailored for the healthcare market, our strategies are designed to ensure a successful lift-off for your product with:

  • Targeting & Positioning

  • Persona Mapping

  • Brand Identity Creation

  • Healthcare Professional Content Development

  • Launch Website Creation

  • Lead Generation 

  • Email marketing

  • Analytics for Performance Tracking

With a focus on connecting with audiences and driving conversions, this programme offers a comprehensive approach to launching healthcare products effectively.

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Focus Product Refresh

Our targeted package enhances sales and market share for healthcare products through:

  • Competitor Marketing Analysis

  • Brand Refresh

  • Account Based Marketing

  • Sales Playbooks

  • Insights & eBooks

  • Direct to Clinician Communications

  • Ecosystems to Support Your Sales Channel

  • Lead Generation

With a focus on healthcare-centric content creation, email marketing, and analytics, we provide a comprehensive solution for boosting your product's position and driving growth.

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Direct Patient Marketing

We offer compliant strategies to help patients discover your products by prioritising informed choices through:

  • Compliant Patient Marketing Strategies EMEA

  • Direct to Patient Content

  • Patient Acquisition

  • Find A Clinic

  • Clinic Co-Marketing Strategies

  • Clinic Partner Marketing Legal & Compliance


Tailored for EMEA regulatory needs, this approach focuses on academic research and language creation to effectively connect with patients, aiming to develop a language that deeply resonates with them.

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Account Based Marketing

When you are looking to win tenders, communication with the decision making web in advance will give you the competitive edge:

  • Stakeholder Mapping

  • Persona Profiling

  • Persona Communication Tactics

  • Product Targeting and Positioning

  • Stakeholder bespoke content creation

  • Engagement Campaigns 

  • Competitor Tracking

  • Tender Packs

It offers benchmarking of your marketing against that of your competition, and comprehensive customer insights and behaviours and a gap analysis to help you direct your growth strategies.

The AGENCY Process

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1. Vision & Objectives

Everything starts with understanding
where you are, where you want to go,
and what 'good' looks like.

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3. People

Who is your product for? What is their profile? What is their persona? Where do they spend their time? How can we best meet them online, in person or through someone else to introduce your offering to them?

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2. Biology & Technology

It's important we understand how your products and services work and intend to help. We've helped design and bring products to market, we understand science and healthcare.

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4. Creativity

How are people going to discover you?
What are the best techniques to help them understand you? Why will they trust you?
How will they become your next Key
Opinion Leader?

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Our Case Studies & Insights.

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