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Introducing growth, with Agency

Updated: Apr 9

As a healthcare marketing manager, you know your medical brand’s products and services can transform people's lives – if only they knew about them.

You want your brand to grow to help as many people as possible, but creating that awareness in medical marketing is uniquely challenging.

This is because in healthcare trust is everything, and awareness alone isn’t enough.

The stakes for your target audience are uniquely high, so they must become aware of your products and services while trusting they can help them. Otherwise, they’ll simply glance over your campaigns.

Your challenge is creating marketing campaigns that get your products and services in front of the healthcare professionals they can help. Then affecting behavioural change within those professionals – getting them to actually use your products and services which are different from those they’re used to and trust.

The campaigns must cut through a highly regulated, competitive landscape – and gain sign-off from many stakeholders, all requiring clinical rationale and evidence to prove your every decision – with a message and appearance that speaks to the people you can help.

A huge task in itself, on top of achieving it with a tiny budget, small internal team and limited pool of resources.

With so much to achieve, you may feel like your campaigns don’t have creativity that stops people in their tracks, a message people understand, or a story that makes them feel how you can improve their lives.

That’s where we can help.

Agency is a medical marketing agency. We give marketing managers like you the ability to affect behavioural change within healthcare professionals. And by getting them to use your brand’s products & services, we help your brand grow.

So how do we do it?

We make creative healthcare marketing campaigns that show healthcare professionals how your products and services can give them the ability to improve their patients’ lives.

We build campaigns from 4 foundations:

  • Blueprints

  • Identity

  • Pitch

  • Clicks

With Blueprints, we create a plan that gives your campaign the ability to affect behavioural change.

Through Identity, we combine looks, messages and feel to create a brand identity with personality. One gets you noticed by those who need you.

Then Pitch makes sure your sales and marketing teams say the same things simultaneously. It keeps your messages consistent, believable, powerful. So every time your target audience notices your brand, what sticks will be how your creative rises above alternatives and how your stories made them feel.

Finally, Clicks drive the people who need you, to you, online. Everyone gets information online. So we make sure your brand is visible where they browse, saying the right message at the right time, with your website always only one click away.

Now you know how we can help you, starting your journey with Agency is simple:

  1. Get in touch with us

  2. We’ll arrange a video call with you so you can talk more about who you are and what you’d like to achieve

  3. We’ll agree on a plan for how to move forward together to achieve your goals

We’re a team of medical experts, surgeons, healthcare lecturers, creatives, copywriters, sales managers, screenwriters, photographers and baristas.

It’s quite the mix, but then you never know where a medical campaign-defining idea may come from. After all, we all need healthcare. So when you work with Agency, you work with all of us.

We all understand there’s nothing like the frustration of knowing you have all the means to make someone else’s life better, but you just can’t reach them.

Equally, we know there’s nothing like the amazing feeling of knowing you’ve improved someone else’s life.

Why? Because we’ve experienced it ourselves.

So let’s give you the ability to get your products and services in front of the healthcare professionals you can help.

Let’s give those healthcare professionals the ability to see, realise and feel how your brand can help them to make their patients’ lives better.

Let’s give your brand growth, with Agency.


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