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AGENCY is your partner in revolutionizing patient engagement. Our direct to patient (DTP) marketing solutions are crafted to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers, enhancing the visibility of treatments and facilitating informed patient decisions.

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In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, making meaningful connections between patients and advanced treatment options is more crucial than ever.


AGENCY specializes in Direct to Patient (DTP) marketing strategies that bridge this gap, offering a suite of services designed to empower healthcare providers and inform patients about the life-changing treatments available to them.

Let's help your patient
marketing 'Get Better'.

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Education & Engagement

Objective: Equip clinicians with the tools to effectively communicate available treatments to patients.


Impact: Through educational resources, we enable clinicians to guide patients with confidence and clarity backed by your innovative healthcare solutions.

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Marketing Tools for Clinics

Objective: Provide clinics and hospitals with a comprehensive set of marketing materials.

Impact: From in-hospital informational assets to digital marketing collateral, we enhance the visibility of your treatments, encouraging patient consideration and inquiry.

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Making Your Treatments Discoverable

Objective: Simplify the process for patients seeking the right treatment and care centres.

Impact: Our 'Find A Centre/Surgeon' feature connects patients with providers offering your treatments, streamlining their journey towards better health.

Awareness, Education, Reassurance:
A New Era of Patient Communication

How do we make a

Building awareness with relatable content

1. Increased Patient Engagement: Directly reach patients with crucial information, fostering engagement and empowerment.

2. Better Treatment Outcomes: Informed patients make better health decisions, leading to improved outcomes.

3. Elevated Healthcare Brand Visibility: Position your services and products as a leader in patient treatment.

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How do we make a Difference?

Education with empathy

Utilising insights from academia and industry experts, we educate patients on their choices, promoting informed healthcare decisions.

How do we make a Difference?

Reassurance through Transparency

Our content reassures patients about their healthcare options, building trust in your brand through transparency and evidence-based information.

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Over the years, our community has worked
with some of the world's biggest medical
companies and (small ones) with patient marketing.

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Our Case Studies & Insights.

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"Where can I look to find the treatment I need?"
David Neelham, 56

Why Patient Marketing Matters to David...

People, like David, are taking their healthcare provider selection seriously. He believes that in a modern world online research can help him find the best treatment options for him.

That's why the UK private sector cared for a record 665,000 patients in 2023.

And that's why self-pay is now 32% higher than pre-COVID times to approximately 240,000 patients annually. 


Consumer confidence is increasingly important in patient's selection of their clinician, and healthcare providers are looking for partners to help them with materials that provide reassurance online and offline. 


Many major industry players are providing clinicians with materials that help them educate patients about treatments and procedures.

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