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Expert marketing, packaged up

Not sure where to start? Our healthcare marketing packages keep it simple. Each one contains a selection of services designed to support the top challenges those in medical marketing face.

The New Product Launch Package

Branding & messaging development

Strategic brand development

Market expansion & analysis

Competitive intelligence
Digital advertising campaigns

The Brand
Refresh Package

Strategic brand development

Executive marketing consultation

Marketing expansion & analysis

The Better Pitch Package

Target market analysis

Sales collateral

Presentation material

Sales team collaboration & communication tools

The Grow Your
Clinic Package

Marketing consultation services

Patient engagement tools

Website development & optimisation

Digital advertising campaigns

The Increase Market Share Package

Analytics & reporting dashboard

Email marketing & automation

Content creation

Digital marketing campaign plan

Branding & messaging creation

The Product Patient Marketing Package

Branding & messaging creation

Digital advertising campaigns

Patient engagement tools

Sales team collaboration
& comms tools

The Prospect Account Marketing Package

Content creation service

Thought leadership

Board & investor presentations

Target market analysis

Sales collateral

The Clinic Patient Marketing Package

Patient experience
enhancement program

Digital advertising campaigns

Patient advocacy program

Patient engagement tools

Website development & optimisation

Got a bespoke
request or query?

Reach out and we will be more than happy to listen to your needs and guide and assist accordingly.



These can simplify complex medical concepts and procedures, making them easier for patients and healthcare professionals to understand.

Posters & Infographics

Visually appealing and informative, these are great for quick, impactful communication, especially in healthcare facilities and at medical conferences.

eBook & Whitepapers

In-depth, authoritative content like ebooks and whitepapers can establish your agency as a thought leader in the medical field. They're great for detailed exploration of medical topics, trends, or case studies.


A mix of educational and promotional content through video formats, including patient testimonials, product demos, expert interviews, and webinars.


Featuring interviews with healthcare professionals, discussions on medical advancements, patient stories, etc., to reach your audience in a more personal and engaging way.

Blog Posts and Articles

Regularly updated blogs or articles that cover a range of topics from healthcare tips to industry news and advancements.


Regular newsletters can keep your audience informed about the latest in healthcare, updates from your agency, and new content releases.

Social Media Content

Snippets, infographics, short videos, and interactive posts tailored for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Case Studies

Showcase the effectiveness of medical treatments, services, or products through detailed case studies or patient success stories.

Medical Illustrations
and Photography

High-quality, accurate medical illustrations and photographs for use in various educational and promotional materials.


Ensure all digital content is optimized for search engines to increase visibility and reach a wider audience.

Patient Education Materials

Brochures, leaflets, and booklets providing easy-to-understand information about diseases, treatments, and health maintenance.

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New Product Launch

Tailored for the healthcare market, our strategies are designed to ensure a successful lift-off for your product with:

  • Targeting & Positioning

  • Persona Mapping

  • Brand Identity Creation

  • Healthcare Professional Content Development

  • Launch Website Creation

  • Lead Generation 

  • Email marketing

  • Analytics for Performance Tracking

With a focus on connecting with audiences and driving conversions, this programme offers a comprehensive approach to launching healthcare products effectively.

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Focus Product Refresh

Our targeted package enhances sales and market share for healthcare products through:

  • Competitor Marketing Analysis

  • Brand Refresh

  • Account Based Marketing

  • Sales Playbooks

  • Insights & eBooks

  • Direct to Clinician Communications

  • Ecosystems to Support Your Sales Channel

  • Lead Generation

With a focus on healthcare-centric content creation, email marketing, and analytics, we provide a comprehensive solution for boosting your product's position and driving growth.

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Direct Patient Marketing

We offer compliant strategies to help patients discover your products by prioritising informed choices through:

  • Compliant Patient Marketing Strategies EMEA

  • Direct to Patient Content

  • Patient Acquisition

  • Find A Clinic

  • Clinic Co-Marketing Strategies

  • Clinic Partner Marketing Legal & Compliance


Tailored for EMEA regulatory needs, this approach focuses on academic research and language creation to effectively connect with patients, aiming to develop a language that deeply resonates with them.

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New Marketing Entry

Our Competitive Edge Analysis is designed to give you market intelligence to help you stand apart from your competition with:


  • Market Insights

  • Industry Insights

  • Customer Insights

  • Competitor Marketing Insights

  • Persona Profiling

  • Persona Mapping

  • Persona Digital

  • Product Targeting and Positioning

  • Growth Strategy Recommendations

It offers benchmarking of your marketing against that of your competition, and comprehensive customer insights and behaviours and a gap analysis to help you direct your growth strategies.

The white AGENCY 'A' on a transparent rectangle.


Expert marketing,
packaged up

Not sure where to start? Our healthcare marketing packages keep it simple. Each one contains a selection of services designed to support the top challenges those in medical marketing face.

The white AGENCY 'A' on a transparent rectangle.


Empowering Your Team with the ability to create compliant & creative product messaging

We teach courses online and in person about how to transform a product or service claim into a creative message that draws attention while adhering to pharma, device, and medical technology legal and regulatory requirements.

At the end of the course, they will be able to empower your sales teams with better conversations and your marketing with messages that stand out.



Selected clients

Here are just a few of the brands our campaigns
have helped bring growth to.


Click any logo to see a related case study.

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The inner workings of a few select projects.


Strategic Business Planning

Strategic Comms Planning

Industry Research

Healthcare Persona Research

Strategic Brand Planning

Strategic Product Planning

Market Research

Product Launch Strategies

Strategic Marketing Planning

Strategic PR Planning

Patient Research


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Landing Pages

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Brochure Websites

Channel Management

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SEO & Search

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Email Marketing

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Sales Channel Support

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