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Creating a brand identity that sparks interest

Updated: Apr 8

Brand launch creative
Brand launch creative

Creating a brand identity that sparks interest for healthcare professionals within a crowded sector

The client

Aguettant Ltd is an affiliate of Laboratoire Aguettant, a French pharmaceutical company specialising in essential hospital medicines.

They plan to launch a new pain management product for use in hospitals.

Aguettant’s challenge

Aguettant needed help creating a brand identity for their new product. A product with many benefits for healthcare professionals, including:

  • Fast pain relief

  • Easy to administer

  • Effectiveness in many healthcare settings

  • Providing an empathetic experience for patients and healthcare professionals

Because of these benefits, Aguettant had already identified three clinical areas where the drug is likely to have the most significant impact: post-operative, emergency & trauma and procedural pain.

The branding we created needed to focus on the benefits of the drug to each target audience, but in a way where, if viewed by further healthcare professionals, they would remain relevant.

The product was a new medication in a crowded market, and Aguettant needed to differentiate it from other opioid-based pain medications. The company needed a strong brand identity that would resonate with the relevant healthcare professionals.

Furthermore, Aguettant planned to use the new brand independently of the Aguettant brand, giving them more freedom to be creative. So the branding needed to be high impact, compelling, emotive, and memorable, focusing on creating concept-driven branding that elevates the drug above product imagery.

Brand stationery
Brand stationery

Agency’s approach

Target audience driver research

We realised the best way to create a unique campaign that would stand out would be to build everything from the target audience’s main problems.

While Aguettant had done excellent research to discover the three primary target audiences, we wanted to understand their extrinsic and intrinsic drivers. What does doing a good job look like to them, and why do they want to do a good job?

This would help us understand what matters most to each target audience and use it as a basis for how we portrayed the drug's benefits to them.

Creative brainstorming and ideation sessions to develop a strong and relevant brand concept

The key factor was creating a brand identity that would make each target audience aware of the product and then trust its benefits to consider it as another option in their pain relief toolkit.

Our team held several brainstorming sessions to generate brand concepts that would resonate with the drug's target audience.

Once several concepts had been developed, the team reviewed and evaluated each one to determine which best aligned with the drug's brief, brand values, and target audience. The chosen concepts were refined and further developed until a clear and compelling brand concept emerged.

Presenting the concept for sign-off

We crafted the concept “Designed for your environment”. Creative that took the four main benefits of sublingual sufentanil – Fast, efficient, easy and empathetic – and used animals and a colour scheme to signify each one respectively.

To ensure that the chosen brand concept would be well-received by the drug's stakeholders, Agency created several mockups and presented them to the client for feedback.

Aguettant was impressed with the concept's creativity and relevance and approved a move forward with the chosen designs.

Creating emotive messaging

Given the target audience research, we noticed another opportunity to stand out in the crowded opioid pain relief market was by using emotive messaging.

We developed a messaging platform that would resonate with each target audience based on the key benefits and insights gathered from research. The messaging platform included a tagline and key messages that would be used consistently across all communication channels.

For example, for the post-operative audience, we focused on how fast pain relief could help healthcare professionals more quickly mobilise patients to retain control of their environment.

In contrast, for the procedural audience, we highlighted the importance of empathetic pain relief to enable them to carry out the procedure in a less stressful way for the patients so they could more readily build a trusting environment.

Finally, with the emergency audience, we once again emphasised the importance of fast-acting pain relief, meaning they could more quickly bring about comfort to their patients for a more pleasant healthcare experience.

Empathetic advert
Empathetic advert

We avoided failure

Conducting thorough market research

By conducting market research with healthcare professionals and identifying the priorities for the drug usage; we were able to develop a targeted campaign that would resonate with the intended audience. This helped avoid the potential failure of launching a product with a poorly defined target market and message.

Developing a strong brand concept

Through our creative brainstorming and ideation sessions, we developed a strong and relevant brand concept for the product. This helped avoid the potential failure of launching a product with a weak or confusing brand identity.

Collaborative design and development

We worked closely with Aguettant to develop the visual and verbal branding elements, such as the colour scheme, tagline, and messaging platform. This collaborative approach helped ensure that the brand identity was consistent and effective, avoiding the potential failure of launching a product with disjointed or inconsistent branding.

Our plan succeeded

By taking a strategic and collaborative approach, Agency helped Aguettant achieve a successful launch for the product.

A strong and relevant brand concept

Through our creative brainstorming and ideation sessions, we were able to develop a brand concept that was unique, memorable, and aligned with the drug's positioning as an option for acute pain management. This helped differentiate sublingual sufentanil from its competitors and establish a strong brand identity.

An internationally useful concept

By signifying each product benefit with a colour and animal, we built a system for communicating the product benefits that could be used worldwide. Each region could choose to signify colours and animals/objects for each product benefit that most resonated with its demographics.


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