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Designing a digital marketing ecosystem

Updated: Apr 9


Aguettant Ltd is an affiliate of Laboratoire Aguettant, a French pharmaceutical company specialising in essential hospital medicines.

They planned to create a digital marketing campaign that would generate leads from healthcare procurement teams for one of their flagship products, a pre-filled syringe.

Their pre-filled syringe product can be used in hospital theatres and emergency settings. Unlike competitor products that involve complex preparation steps using needles and glass ampoules, Aguettant’s pre-filled syringe format reduces the risk of dosing errors that can have fatal consequences.

Designing a digital marketing ecosystem to generate leads for a pharma product


Having occupied this space in the healthcare sector for years, Aguettant already knew their drug's target audience group well.

The target customer group, anaesthetists, use the drug routinely, and this campaign was aimed at converting them to the new technology and effecting behavioural change to get them to use the new administration method.

To do this, any digital campaign ecosystem design would need to raise awareness of the pre-filled syringe format, highlight its benefits over ampoules and emphasise the risks involved in using the latter.

The campaign's goal was to persuade anaesthetists to switch to pre-filled syringes, which would reduce the risk of dosing errors thereby improving patient safety.

Agency’s approach

Campaign design

We were tasked with designing a digital marketing ecosystem to drive traffic to the pre-filled syringe website that would convert them into leads through form fills.

The niche target audience meant we knew the places they occupied online, so we developed an ecosystem that would tap into these spaces.

To achieve the campaign objectives, our digital marketing ecosystem included:

  • Display stands

  • Digital banners

  • Emails

All driving people to a newly created pre-filled syringes product landing page.

The ecosystem leveraged the power of digital channels to reach a wider anaesthetist audience and drive engagement.

Tone creation

Research showed that nearly one-third of medication errors cause an adverse drug event, increasing the likelihood of patient death.

Furthermore, Aguettant’s target audience profiling revealed that anaesthetists work in incredibly hectic environments under immense pressure where the effect of making a mistake can be fatal.

Hence, the key motivation for anaesthetists was remaining in control. Ability to deliver drugs to their patients without mistakes, no matter how uncontrollable the environment around them is.

This was the major benefit the pre-filled syringe provided to anaesthetists: it is the correct strength and volume for single-patient use to potentially reduce the risk of drug administration errors.

With such a great product benefit, which could directly impact our target audience’s work and personal concerns, we realised the messaging of the campaign needed to speak of the risks and their emotional toll. Then it would need to contrast those risks to the control and security pre-filled syringes bring.

We needed to make the tone of the campaign high-impact, challenging, assertive, and bold. The messaging needs to be clear and concise, cutting through the noise to capture the target audience's attention and persuade them to act.

Creative design

Given the pre-filled syringes are a pharmaceutical product, there were strict guidelines our campaign creative had to follow.

The campaign materials had to be in the Aguettant brand book guidelines, with a design that includes purple, the Royal College of Anaesthetists' recommended colour labelling for this specific drug.

While adherence to these guidelines was mandatory, we still needed to design creative that would speak to the target audience's problem and stand out in the marketplace.

We developed the idea of the anaesthetist’s healthcare environment being like walking on a tightrope, where one wrong move could result in disaster.

The message was how the pre-filled syringes could stop that feeling of tiptoeing close to the edge.


Well-designed digital marketing ecosystem

Agency successfully created a digital marketing ecosystem for Aguettant's pre-filled syringe, featuring display stands, digital banners and emails to drive people to a product landing page.

This ecosystem provides a streamlined and efficient process for customers to learn about and purchase the drug in a pre-filled syringe format.

Ability to analyse data

The digital marketing ecosystem also allows for the collection and analysis of valuable customer data, which can be used to further refine and segment the target audience.

By analysing customer behaviour and preferences, Aguettant can tailor its messaging and marketing efforts to specific customer groups for better results.

Lead capture for Aguettant’s sales team

The ecosystem includes lead capture mechanisms that allow the sales team to receive warm leads, improving their efficiency and effectiveness in closing sales.

These warm leads can be contacted directly by the sales team, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Option of continual optimisation

The digital marketing ecosystem is not a one-time project, but rather a continually evolving process that can be optimised and improved over time.

By monitoring the performance of the ecosystem and making data-driven decisions, Aguettant's marketing efforts can remain effective and relevant in a constantly changing digital landscape.


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