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With insights from the University of Bath Centre for Pain Research, you can explore Professor Christopher Eccleston's 'Painful Conversations' series focused on the use of better communication to help people overcome barriers to giving and seeking treatment.

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Painful Conversations with Prof. Chris Eccleston
your guide to better patient communication.

8 Principles of Pain _ Painful Conversations eBook

How do we help people overcome their barriers to seeking treatment?

Chronic pain, a complex challenge affecting 15.5 million people in England alone, remains largely misunderstood.

For professionals in the medical industry, understanding and effectively communicating about pain is one of the greatest challenges... and opportunities.


Professor Christopher Eccleston, a pioneer in pain research, offers invaluable perspectives through 'Painful Conversations', a series dedicated to enhancing our approach to pain management and patient care.


By enhancing communication, "Painful Conversations" aims to improve patient outcomes, advocating for a healthcare approach that is both informed and compassionate.

The Pain Paradox. 
Bridging the Communication Gap

Professor Christopher Eccleston 

University of Bath

Delve into the enigmatic nature of pain and its impact on patient isolation.

Understand the critical role of communication in mitigating the paradoxes of chronic pain.

Foster deeper connections through informed and compassionate dialogue.

Pain Paradox _ Painful Conversations eBook

Hosted by

Prof. Christopher Eccleston

Painful Conversations

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Centre for Pain Research

Weight of Words _ Painful Conversations eBook
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Painful Conversations

Professor Christopher Eccleston

Hosted by

Centre for Pain Research

The Weight of Words.
The Transformative Power of Language in Pain Management

Dr. Luana Colloca 

University of Maryland

Discover the profound effect of language on patient perceptions and treatment efficacy.


Equip yourself with communication strategies that promote healing and reduce anxiety.


Harness the dual forces of placebo and nocebo effects through mindful communication.

Mobility & Pain.
Promoting Movement, Enhancing Health

Professor Richie Gill

University of Bath

Link the vital role of mobility in preventing and managing pain-related conditions.

Uncover strategies to encourage physical activity and combat the sedentary lifestyle induced by chronic pain.

Dive into actionable insights for improving patient mobility and overall health outcomes.

Mobility _ Painful Conversations eBook

Painful Conversations

Hosted by

Professor Christopher Eccleston

Centre for Pain Research

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Unravelling Pain _ Painful Conversations eBook
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Unjust Pain.
Addressing Pain Beyond the Physical

Professor Christopher Eccleston, in conversation with Professor Michael Sullivan

University of Bath

Examine the multifaceted experience of "unjust pain" and its implications for patient care.

Highlight the importance of developing a shared language around pain for better outcomes.

Empower healthcare professionals to recognize and address the emotional dimensions of pain.

8 Key Principles of Pain
Unravel the Complexity of Chronic Pain

Professor Christopher Eccleston

University of Bath

Explore pain beyond its physical boundaries with Professor Christopher Eccleston.

Discover how chronic pain challenges identity and behaviour, demanding a nuanced approach to care.

Learn to navigate the paradoxical nature of pain, enhancing empathy and treatment strategies.

8 Principles of Pain _ Painful Conversations eBook
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"Where can I look to find the treatment I need?"
David Neelham, 56

Why Patient Marketing Matters to David...

People, like David, are taking their healthcare provider selection seriously. He believes that in a modern world online research can help him find the best treatment options for him.

That's why the UK private sector cared for a record 665,000 patients in 2023.

And that's why self-pay is now 32% higher than pre-COVID times to approximately 240,000 patients annually. 


Consumer confidence is increasingly important in patient's selection of their clinician, and healthcare providers are looking for partners to help them with materials that provide reassurance online and offline. 


Many major industry players are providing clinicians with materials that help them educate patients about treatments and procedures.

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Creating Understandable Language

Break down complex medical information into patient-friendly language with insights from Bath University's Centre for Pain Research on how to better communicate with people in pain.

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Legal & Compliant Communication Strategies

Navigate the healthcare regulatory environment with confidence. Our tested strategies from working with some of the largest providers across EMEA ensure your messaging is not just effective but also fully compliant.

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Direct-to-Patient & Co-Marketing Partnerships

Collaborate with healthcare providers to reach patients directly. Our co-marketing and direct-to-patient strategies help signpost awareness of the availability of your products at their clinics.

Over the years, our community has worked
with some of the world's biggest medical
companies and (small ones) with patient marketing.

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